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“Experience has made me rich”

OK not literally and please don’t envisage me sitting on a pile of cash in Xanadu tending to the animals in my private zoo!

Anyhow about me, i’m Neil and I have a passion for all things digital.

Please feel free to check out my full professional background via my LinkedIn  profile but, for now and in 320 words……

For 10 years (+) I was employed by the Royal Navy as a webmaster, content author and social media manager whilst freelancing as a  web designer, social media consultant and teacher of social media specialising in Facebook and Twitter for small businesses. I also found time to sneek in a  Social Sciences Media BSC(Hons) with the Open University & an NVQ Diploma in Social Media for Business, as I like to keep busy.

This has left me with over 10 years of hands on experience in the management of social media teams, web design, writing content for the web, running social media campaigns and helping small business owners realise the full potential in having their own website alongside an organised, professional and sustainable social media presence. I am also fortunate enough to have worked alongside industry leaders AKQA, Sitecore and E3 Media, the latter of which led to awards at the 2014 bimas and the Digital Impact Awards 

I am currently working part time with Ilfracombe Town Council where I have just redesigned their website and manage their social media platforms.

Why neilsbuildingsites?…Well what started out originally as a hobby, building a few websites for my friends and family led to ad hoc freelancing  to design, build and host websites for their friends and family. Then a few small businesses followed and these business owners made me realise that people who invest considerable time, effort, capital  and commitment in creating then growing a business deserve those same qualities from a web designer or social media practitioner.

I invest my own time and effort keeping up to date with the world of social media and web site design so I am always best placed to both deliver my lessons in social media, run campaigns and build websites that are always created with the needs of the customer taking presidence over the artistic needs of the designer.

I’m reliable, trustworthy and can relate information in terms everyone can understand, so if you don’t want your business to miss out on the virtual customer base currently being courted by your competitors, contact me today.