Beware the Grammar Police

It happens to all of us at some point, even if you check everything umpteen times before hitting post or publish, the Grammar Police always want their say!

The Grammar Police are not the financially recompensed, editorial bastions employed to oversee the production of correctly written literature. They are, well intentioned, albeit belittling, individuals whose goal in life is not only to spot the error of our literary ways but, to make sure we, and anyone else within wi-fi range, are aware that they are aware of our breach of grammar law.

So instead of becoming totally disillusioned by our grammatical inadequacies you can either accept their advice and learn from your mistakes or, ignore them based upon the logic that you “did it on purpose” to illicit a promotionally motivated response.

So if you run a small business, didn’t get that degree in English and you don’t have a professional copywriter on the payroll have a read of these common mistakes from to stop the Grammar Police knocking on you’re door.

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