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Etsy Shop + Website = ?



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An online business owner recently asked me whether or not she should sell her products via her website in addition to her Etsy store?

Whilst my first instinct was to just say “of course you should”, I went home and pondered before delivering a more informed response.

First off I delved into the world of Etsy which I was aware existed but, not on the scale i discovered.










All pretty impressive and why would I doubt Etsy’s own numbers.

So based upon the mantra that no two businesses’ needs are identical and that a definitive yes or no response was still not forming in my mind, I switched to thinking that the decision was one that only the business owner could make.

My reasoning behind this?….TIME

Yes, selling via a website and an Etsy store:

  • Increases your online presence
  • Saves paying the Etsy fees on any website sales
  • Promotes professionalism and consumer trust
  • Provides you with a more aesthetic online business address

But, I believe that Etsy styled business owners  would view the double TIME it would take to enter each product into a website and then into an Etsy shop as TIME being better spent focusing on the creation of their products.

I’m not in the “Etsy” business but, if you are, I would love to get your views on this.

Oh and in my opinion, the answer to the equation is:

Etsy Shop + (Website x Etsy Shop Plugin) = Time Well Spent



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    Pretty! This has been a reeally wonderful post.
    Thanks for providing this info.

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