How your choice of coffee and your password are linked.

With all the kerfuffle of Sony getting hacked, resulting in what some would have you believe was a justifiable enough reason to delcare war, it got me to thinking of our own personal online keeper of the peace – the Password.

Whether being online is part of you daily routine be this banking or shopping, or simply accessing your own particular brand of social media interaction the “what password do I use” question poses as much of a dilema as choosing from the ever growing choices in your favourite coffee shop.

Much like when ordering your coffee we often find ourselves opting for the same mocha frappe latte, this is no different a process as the one we adopt in choosing a password;

We crave the familiarity and flexibility of both the barista and our laptop remembering our options;

We want to keep things simple and as memorable as possible so we are not holding up the queue or needing to refer to scraps of paper.

The most popular passwords clearly tick all of these boxes otherwise they wouldn’t be the most popular year upon year:

Password like coffee


Of course the inherent danger here (albeit not directly from the somewhat currently limited audience of this blog!) is that these passwords are available on auntie Google as are multiple articles on how to set fortress like passwords.


I don’t believe that there is any clear cut answer as human nature and yes, i will say it, our own laziness will inherently lead the majority of us to stick to passwords consisting of children’s names, pet name’s and birthdates.

Ultimately remember that whilst you are not Sony and in danger of taking the world to the brink of war your information is exactly that, “YOURS”.

So sit back and relax with the coffee of your choice and have a think about your passwords and at the very least don’t use one of those above.

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