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The story of Hele Antiques and Gifts (with added E-Bay)

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Having just moved into Hele in Ilfracombe I suppose it was a natural progression for me to gravitate to the centre of this wonderful community.

So off I went to the Hele Bay pub and mingled.

A few weeks after my first visitation (yes, i have been back once or twice!) I was approached by Maria the owner of Hele Antiques and Gifts to discuss the possibility of building a website for her business.

My remit was to create a non fussy, simple to use site that would put the business, literally, on the “Google” map. It was also to include an e-commerce option.

So, I have built e-commerce sites before but, it got me to thinking that Maria already had a well established eBay business so surely creating an entry on eBay and then duplicating this process on her website e-commerce software was  not the most effective use of her time.

A few Google clicks later and I had landed in the world of Auction Nudge

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What this WordPress plugin provides is a live feed to your eBay Listings, your eBay Profile and your eBay Feedback. No need to duplicate your online product with the added bonus of your customers seeing how great you are from your Feedback!

So whilst Maria would love you to bid and “Buy Now” from her eBay shop she would love it even more if you popped in and said “Hi” as you browse the eclectic mix of Antiques and Vintage items for sale in her shop.

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What this goes to prove is that regardless of your website needs there is always a solution.


Lessons learnt from building the Hele Antiques and Gifts website

  • As always  – If the customer is happy then my mission has been successful.
  • Everyday is a school day.
  • Maria and Tom’s shop is a T.A.R.D.I.S of Antiques and Gifts!
  • The local pub remains one of the best places to meet new clients. The next pub sourced website is nearly finished and will feature in a subsequent blog!

If you think your business would benefit from a Quality Website at a Sensible Price then get in touch.


Freelance provider of business generating websites and social media consultant at neilsbuildingsites. Enjoys feeding sprats to pugs and is loving life in beautiful North Devon.

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