Social Media Coaching

Social Media Coaching

In signing up to the one to one Social Media Coaching sessions offered by neilsbuildingsites you are taking a positive step to ensure that your business is best placed to take advantage of the opportunities offered in the online marketplace.

I am experienced in teaching best social media practice and coaching business owners in its use. With an extensive knowledge of what works well in the digital market place I aim to deliver you a service that is tailored to suit both your business, with its own unique challenges, and the level of knowledge and experience that you currently possess.

Facebook and Twitter remain the two main powerhouses in Social Media with their key differences appealing to different businesses and individuals. Wherever possible I recommend utilising both platforms in your online marketing strategy however, I understand that time and resources often dictate the choices you have to make. Although this can be overcome with my Social Media Management and Social Media Set Up services.

With this in mind I offer one to one Social Media coaching sessions that are specifically focused on either Facebook or Twitter. This coaching is tailored to your needs based upon your knowledge and whether you are already online or starting from scratch.

Coaching is ideally delivered from the comfort of your own home or business premises, all you need is an internet connection and the use of the computer, laptop or tablet that you aim to use for your online business.

All Social Media Coaching is delivered around one hour sessions which are tailored to your requirements being based around a bespoke initial insight into either Facebook or Twitter for business owners with prices from a one off payment of £55.

Group delivery and multiple sessions can also be arranged, please contact me to discuss.

Ignore Social Media at your own peril. If you are not utilising it, your competition will be.