Social Media Management

In choosing the Social Media Management package you get to focus your efforts and concentrate on your business and i will; update and manage you social media presence and keep you informed with a monthly report of what’s going on.

My focus and aims being to:

  • Provide real time online customer service via you online social media presence.
  • Establish relationships with potential new customers
  • To show and develop the personal face of your business to develop trust and understanding
  • Market your business in the most cost effective way to an ever growing virtual customer base

So what exactly do you get for your money?

An experienced, Hootsuite certified professional social media consultant,  managing  your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts.

(9am-6pm (GMT) Mon-Fri)*

Facebook: monthly investment of £120

  • Minimum of 5 originally created posts per week with links to your website/blog
  • Daily management of all inbox messages, shares, likes and comments
  • Daily online engagement with your Facebook audience
  • Monthly report analysing performance and audience growth

Twitter: monthly investment of £120

  • Minimum 30 tweets a weeks** with links to your website/blog
  • Management of all Direct Messaging
  • Engagement with your Followers
  • Replies to interactions

No long term contract

All I ask is that you recognise that it usually takes 3-6 months to begin to see a return for your efforts and that you provide me with 30 days notice if you do decide that you no longer require this service.

In addition to Facebook and Twitter I can also offer Social Media Management and Social Media Set Up on the majority of the major Social Media platforms. Just let me know what you are thinking of and we can discuss creating a package to suit.

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*Posts will be made outside of these days and hours where necessary.
**The weekly tweet total will never exceed a 50% quota of retweets and mentions. Leaving you with a favourable percentage of original content aimed at your specific business audience.