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Regardless of whether or not you choose neilsbuildingsites to deliver your website, you and your business would benefit from what I can offer on the social media front.

It would be fair to assume that the majority of small business owners would have heard of and possibly even dabbled with this form of online marketing.

This often never goes further than a sole trader creating a Facebook page and pushing promotional material to their friends and family online.

Unfortunately, because of the time involved, this often becomes an onerous task with Facebook rapidly becoming a barren wasteland of outdated pages devoid of recent updates.

Having been employed to exploit the communication and engagement potential of both Facebook and Twitter for over 10 years, whilst also teaching Social Media for Business for a local college, I have the experience to profile your business and either implement a goal focused strategy for you or show you how you can do it yourself.

Have a peek at my lastest blog post covering the January 2018 changes of Facebook for Business and how you can get around them to ensure you stay ahead of your competition.

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Things to consider regarding Social Media

All search engines are now taking more notice than ever of social media signals. Google is now able to retrieve your Facebook updates and Twitter posts and display them as search engines results. This means that your efforts have a direct influence on your search engine rankings and overall visibility across the internet.


Social media is not optional

Social Media

Your business must integrate social media into its marketing.
Without it you are at a disadvantage against the competition.


 Intergrate Google+ into your Social Media

Google Plus

Why? Because it’s Google!
Google+ Local is merged with Google Places & Google+ Hangouts merges with Youtube.


Internet image use will continue to grow

pinterest-instagram copy

The usefulness of Pinterest and Instagram will continues to grow
as imagery retains its top spot in grabbing the attention of potential customers.



 Do not underestimate the value of Video

youtube-logo-slice copy

Google owns Youtube which can only help search engine rankings.












47% of Social Media users claim that Facebook has an influence on their purchasing decisions

No matter what your business, your website is your central gathering place and a well thought out social media presence draws customers in. The downside to this is that it does take a lot of time and considerable commitment. In a perfect world, your business would be on every single platform out there. This isn’t a perfect world and the time you would have to spend on this would in all likelyhood be better spent delivering your core business or service.

  I can provide you with services in both Social Media Set Up and Social Media Management  to reach out to your customers old and new.

Alternatively I can offer you a one to one Social Media Coaching sessions on how to create and manage your own presences on Facebook and Twitter from as little as a one off payment of £55*.

Ignore Social Media at your own peril. If you are not utilising it, your competition will be.

In recognition of just how important I believe your social media profiles are to the future success of your business, all websites delivered by neilsbuildingsites are directly linked to all of your profiles for FREE regardless if these services are provided by me or not.

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 *sessions last for one hour with a focus on either Facebook / Twitter or other Social Media platform of your choice.