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6 point post hibernation website check

Your business yawns, stretches and comes out of hibernation as a thousand others join you in a mass reawakening to a world that has drastically changed since you settled down for a pandemic induced nap.

So as you wipe the sleep out of your business eyes now is the ideal time to give your website a quick check over to ensure everything is in working order and that all your pre slumber information remains relevant.

To help you out in your fuzzy minded state here are 6 quick tips to get you and your business back on track

1. Are your online notices up to date?

Make sure that you remove any notices about your previous closure or changes to your business and replace them with information relating to your reopening.

2. Are your opening hours correct?

If you are revising your opening hours, be this part of an easing in process or following a re-evaluation of your business, you must make sure that these changes are reflected on your website otherwise you’ll have customers banging on your door when you’re closed!

3. Are there new guidelines if someone visits your business?

Effective communications are essential so that your customers are fully aware of any changes to your daily operations, be this social distancing or a limit on numbers.

4. Test your website, then test it again!

Are your contact details correct? Is your website contact form working? Not sure? Test them and once you’ve tested them, do it again! Whether customers are regulars or potential newbies they will be wanting to ask you questions! Don’t miss out to your competitors.

5. Any new stock or services on offer?

Check that all the information on your website is up to date. Remember to remove any old stock or services that you no longer deliver and update with any replacements or revisions.

6. Do you need to make tweaks to your Search Engine Optimisation?

Circumstances have dictated that customers’ shopping habits and the way they search for goods and services may have recently changed. Is your website equipped to react to these changes and ensure that you are found on search engine results?

If you need any assistance with your website then get in touch via neilsbuildingsites

Welcome back….it’s life Jim but, not as we know it

p.s. these tips apply as equally to your social media bio’s as they do to your website

After some more thought I will call this Point 6.1 – If your business has passed specific Covid related checks, or you and your staff have completed any additional training – SHOUT ABOUT IT! Use logo’s and certificates to build trust and show your customers that you care and have prepared.

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